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Masum Karimi is an Ethical Designer brand based in Madrid, Spain, founded by Masum & Gelareh Karimi (Mother & Daugther). 
Through a synthesis of MINIMALISM and geometrical shapes, espousing the principle of ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS, Masum Karimi brand aims to sound out the cultural fluidity of an increasingly multicultiral experiences. Focused on creating SUSTAINABLE & On-demand products and not a trend follower, Masum Karimi creates long-lasting garments or even RECONSTRUCTS its over-worn ones, in LOCAL PRODUCTION, using Haute Couture SEAMS and high quality FIBERS, so as to contribute to the longevity of the garment. 
Based on our Brand’s DNA, each collection combines inspiration from our native middle east and the strong personalities of the western modern culture. 
The brand converts the beauty and uniqueness of each Woman into its edgy-romantic collections, by creating artistic interpretations creftsmanship techniques and aesthetic concept.

Masum Karimi sustainable brand in Madrid
Gelareh H.Karimi Fashion Designer

Gelareh H.Karimi

Bacherlor’s Degree in Business Administration. (UCM- Madrid)
Master’s  Degree in Fashion Design & Branding (ESDesign - Barcelona)
PHD in Fashion Industry - People that make Fashion (UPM-CSDMM - Madrid)


I was born in Teheran and raised in Madrid.Inspired by the multiculturalism I create fashion. 

From as early as I can remember, I have been passionate about fashion and its creative processes. Through my mother, Masum, I have experienced first-hand the artisanal process in which garments and accessories are made. 

Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Teheran Public University)
Degree in Fashion Design and custom making (School of Design Teheran)
Industrial pattern-making (Goymar system - Madrid)

Masum karimi 

I took my first steps in fashion as a simple hobby. I liked to make my own clothes and those of my sisters. After finishing my education as a teacher, I decided to study fashion at the design school of Tehran where the Parisian fashion style was taught. 
It was there that I started to experiment with patterns to create garments with the elegance of European fashion, but inspired by elements that represent my native Middle East. 

In the 90’s I moved to Madrid and there I decided to make my passion my profession, I studied industrial pattern making and opened my own haute couture workshop 24 years ago. 
Over the years I have worked with nationally renowned designers to create haute couture garments and scenic costumes.

Together with my daughter we run the brand that takes my name, where she brings her creativity and I bring my experience to create quality garments and unique pieces. 

Masum Karimi Fashion designer
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