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Our brand is identified by its sustainable processes and supports local development. 

All our fabrics have a certificate of origin and are certified for quality. 

Every element of our collection has been handcrafted.

Local production by Masum Karimi

Local production

At least 95% of our products are manufactured in our workshop and boutique in Madrid. The design, fitting and tailoring is carried out in our workshop and we take care of the quality process. 


Conscious processes

The manufacturing process complies with the Agenda 2030 targets to reduce emissions. Our boutique and workshop produce no CO2 emissions and the heating and cooling system is Aerothermal. 


Conscious materials

We do not buy fabrics or materials on a large scale. We try to use fabrics of small count to maintain the exclusivity of the print while ensuring lower emissions in the production of the fabrics. 


Conscious composition

The composition of our fabrics is according to the composition label. Our commitment is to offer quality to the customer to obtain a high quality and durable product. 

Waste reduction

Waste reduction

We reuse all the scraps from our production process. We use them to make belts and vanity cases. 

Circular design

Circular process

We promote the durability of our products. We want our customers to wear quality products and reduce the consumption of fast fashion. 
All our designs are transformable and even available for alterations. 

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