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Masum Karimi brand
Masum Karimi tote bag


Masum Karimi is an Ethical Designer brand based in Madrid, Spain, founded by Masum & Gelareh Karimi (Mother & Daugther). 
Through a synthesis of MINIMALISM and geometrical shapes, espousing the principle of ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS, Masum Karimi brand aims to sound out the cultural fluidity of an increasingly multicultiral experiences. Focused on creating SUSTAINABLE & On-demand products and not a trend follower, Masum Karimi creates long-lasting garments or even RECONSTRUCTS its over-worn ones, in LOCAL PRODUCTION, using Haute Couture SEAMS and high quality FIBERS, so as to contribute to the longevity of the garment. 
Based on our Brand’s DNA, each collection combines inspiration from our native middle east and the strong personalities of the western modern culture. 

The brand converts the beauty and uniqueness of each Woman into its edgy-romantic collections, by creating artistic interpretations creftsmanship techniques and aesthetic concept.

The brand takes the name of my mother, who has been my inspiration to look at life with creativity. She, an empowered woman, devoted herself to her passion and opened her dressmaking workshop 20 years ago in Madrid. Under her guidance, I have learned the art of crafting garments from scratch with care, taste, and attention to detail while creating exclusive pieces.

Gelareh H.Karimi 
Head Designer

Geometric shapes that simulate symmetries and asymmetries to enhance the female figure. 
Flawless details, prints and bright colours that simulate the edgy-romantic as well as classic-chic styling the DNA of #Masumkarimi.

bolsos impresión 3d moon bead
Tote bag washable masum karimi

The presence of art, colours, geometry and artisanal design in all its corners make the Middle East so warm, special and desired by the West.  
Our collections unite oriental romanticism with the empowerment of women based on roles from classical and modern culture. 

Gelareh H.Karimi.jpg

Gelareh H.Karimi

Head designer

Bacherlor’s Degree in Business Administration. (UCM- Madrid)
Master’s Degree in Fashion Design & Branding (ESDesign - Barcelona)
PhD in Fashion Industry - People that make Fashion (UPM-CSDMM - Madrid)

I was born in Teheran and raised in Madrid.Inspired by the multiculturalism I create fashion.
From as early as I can remember, I have been passionate about fashion and its creative processes. Through my mother, Masum, I have experienced first-hand the artisanal process in which garments and accessories are made.

masum foto_edited.jpg

Masum Karimi

Head designer

Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Teheran Public University)
Degree in Fashion Design and custom making (School of Design Teheran)
Industrial pattern-making (Goymar system - Madrid)

I took my first steps in fashion as a simple hobby. I liked to make my own clothes and those of my
sisters. After finishing my education as a teacher, I decided to study fashion at the design school of
Tehran where the Parisian fashion style was taught.
It was there that I started to experiment with patterns to create garments with the elegance of European
fashion, but inspired by elements that represent my native Middle East.
In the 90’s I moved to Madrid and there I decided to make my passion my profession, I studied industrial
pattern making and opened my own haute couture workshop 24 years ago.
Over the years I have worked with nationally renowned designers to create haute couture garments
and scenic costumes.
Together with my daughter we run the brand that takes my name, where she brings her creativity and
I bring my experience to create quality garments and unique pieces.

Masum Karimi.jpg
Medici queen masum karimi collection

the collection /medici queen   

                 Looks that convey the striking personality of Queen Catherine of Medici 

“Catherine of Medici, from orphan to queen. She was everything you would not expect from a queen. Her history full of tragedies that made her more resilient, was what marked her character to become a queen consort of France. “

Hence, this collection takes as a reference the figure of Queen Catherine of Medici who, against all odds, became one of the most powerful and long-lived rulers of classical European history. A woman who marked the style of her time, to which we have added the twist of our Brand DNA.

Medic queen masum karimi.jpg
Medici queen collection masum karimi
vestido midi
blusa doble cuello
vestido camisero piel de angel
blusa años 60
vestido volantes
vestido veraniego
blusa cuello original
mod 9.png
conjunto traje chaqueta
chaleco crepe piqué
chaqueta fantasía de época
vestido invitada
vestido verano
vestido camisero



Geometric shapes that simulate symmetries and asymmetries to enhance the
female figure.
Flawless details, prints and bright colours that simulate the edgy-romantic as
well as classic-chic styling the DNA of #Masumkarimi.

the collection /medici queen   


the collection /shahname   

Women are the core of this story that represents oriental women’s empowerment.

“The father time whom everyone worships brings a new dawn, a new hope and a direction of change. In this epic, the kings make mistakes against father time and the queens are the true leads in a royal court full of mischief, romance and fantasy”.

The collection is inspired by the Persian epic “Shahname”, written by the poet Ferdousi
around the year 1000, which he called Shahname. Through a romantic narrative, this epic
tells the story of the Persian culture through heroines and heroes who are the main characters
of the adventures told in various cycles. As a true reflection of Persian civilisation,
this epic depicts the female role with an egalitarian and relevant vision in Iranian society
at that time.
Feminine strength, imagination and romanticism in artistic expression inspire the collection.
Each look is inspired by and represents one of epic’s heroines to form a collection
rich in the values of feminism, freedom of expression and recognition in society. A union
between eastern philosophy and western society.

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lOOK 13.png

the collection /shahname